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Outsource Data Entry :

In the dynamic, fast-paced world of today’s business, data entry is a fast growing industry. Whether one is a small business, or a sprawling global empire, is irrelevant, as an excruciating amount of data entry is required in order to progress. Data entry services are essential for any business that needs data to be extracted from any source. It not only controls all business information, but also regulates knowledge management more efficiently in all aspects of business.

Some examples of data entry services are: data entry from product catalogues to web based systems, PDF document indexing, online data capture, and data entry from images, online order entry and follow up, creation of new databases, and updates to existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services, and service providers, web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support, mailing lists, data mining and warehousing, data cleansing, audio transcriptions, online completion of surveys and responses of customers for various companies, and the list just goes on and on.

The outsourcing of Data Entry

Data entry outsourcing has become a widespread practice among the worldwide organizations. It is contracting with outside consultants, software houses or service bureaus to perform system analysis, programming, and data centre operations. The main reason behind outsourcing is the availability of qualified and experienced computer operators at low cost. Data entry outsourcing is limited to all types of data entry operations, including, data conversion, document and image processing, catalogue processing services, image enhancement, image editing and photo manipulation services, etc. This method works out to be beneficial in two ways, the company that is outsourcing the work saves huge amounts of money, since the work will be done at a low cost. Also the company that is doing the work will be benefited as they will do the works at cheaper rates compared to others and the amount they have to spend for doing the work is low. Data entry outsourcing enables one to get work done from professionals who are highly qualified.

Web based data entry

Web based data entry enables one to logon to a secure website to access the required data. Web based data entry is fast and incredibly easy. For instance, Beyond Pay’s unique web based payroll data entry makes payroll processing easy. One can view, enter, and revise data instantly, from the desktop. This method guarantees flexibility, complete control and speed in accessing data from websites.

Data Entry Companies

As a result of the outsourcing of data entry jobs, one of the leading firms in Pakistan dealing with this type of work is Data Entry Services. They provide reasonably priced offshore data entry to clients from different parts of the globe. The company’s data entry division offers high-class, cost effective data entry, data processing, data mining, and image data entry, data conversion, data capture, data manipulation, and web research services. Other companies with similar work profile are Gatesix, Open world Data, Viking-Software Solutions, etc.

As the demand for data entry work is increasing day by day, an enormous number of data entry providers are evolving in different parts of the globe.


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