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Our services

With 19Dev, offshore outsourcing becomes easy and reliable, because we are a dependable
company and we always support the customer with all our efforts. We bring exceptional value
to our clients through lowered cost of software development services, outstanding quality,
reliability and customer service. We are providing following Offshore Software Development

Desktop Application Development
Network/Internet Application Development
Database Application Development
Web Application Development
E-Commerce Solutions
Web Promotion and SEO
Offshore Project Management
Graphics Designing

Did You Know?

We have already helped scores of growing enterprises better serve customers, cut costs,
boost the bottom-line results, and create competitive advantage. Now we are ready to help be
more successful in your business or e-business. Contact Us today and discover how we can
help you get there right, fast, cheap & easy.

Here are some of our main development skills:

Designing and building relational databases, data warehousing, implementing business rules,
maintaining large databases and database programming using Oracle PL/SQL Development Oracle
7/8/8i Database Administration Oracle RDBMS Design Oracle Developer/2000 SQL Server
7.0/2000, Crystal Reports and other reporting tools.

Developing software solutions using the following languages: Microsoft Visual studio
2005,C++, Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, JAVA, Delphi, Cobol and CORBA.

Developing Internet / Web Application Solutions using Visual Interdev, ASP, ASP. Net, HTML,
JAVA, JavaScript, Perl, PHP.

Web development and E-commerce turnkey solutions like: Visual Web Developer.

We are very interested in working with you on a long-term successful business relation.
Please contact us via e-mail or by phone in order to discuss the terms of our future

Technical Capabilities:

Due to the extensive technical support from Microsoft and ongoing internal R&D, 19DEV
is on the forefront of Microsoft .NET technologies as well. Our capabilities include:

2- Web Forms
3- Win Forms
4- Web Services
5- Web Server Controls
6- C#, managed/unmanaged C++
8- XML
9- Reflection
10- COM Interpol
11- Security
12- .NET Windows Services
13- WMI (Windows Management Interface) on .NET
14- SQL Server .NET
15- Mobile Internet Toolkit


19 DEV is a Company of Young Developers. Our aim is to give and implement Fresh Ideas.


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